Our Services

We offer customizable services geared towards ensuring inclusive and equitable practices for all students and stakeholders.

TCASE Services
by Design

Our goal is to provide special education administrators with the tools and supports needed for success. We want to assist you in ensuring equitable and inclusive practices for all students and stakeholders in your organization.


Self - Assessment & Monitoring

Develop a system of practice that prepares you and your team for the Texas Education Agency self-assessment and monitoring process.

Online Courses

Training modules are designed to assist leaders in equipping administrators, teachers, and paraprofessionals with the tools they need.

Continuous Improvement

Our team can advise you on plans and activities that will address areas of need or corrective action planning.

Budget Planning

Our team can help you tackle the daunting task of budgeting. 

Administrator Training

Engage other district  stakeholders through administrator training.


Our team offers comprehensive program reviews of special education programs and services. 

Significant Disproportionality

Designed to help you address significant disproportionality in identification and discipline of students with disabilities.

New Director Support & Training

Connect with other new directors and veterans who can guide, support, and encourage you, as you settle in to your new role.

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