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New Director Support & Training

The role of the special education director is complex and full of challenging compliance, legal and instructional aspects.


A well-trained special education director will improve the quality of services for students with disabilities and support administrators, teachers and staff in their roles.   


TCASE Services by Design can customize a plan of support for you based on your needs including:


  • Understanding the special education budget

  • Knowing your role in state and federal accountability systems

  • Developing systems and processes to manage the workload

  • Improvement planning.


We are here to support you and ensure your success as a new director!

"The support and guidance provided by Krista has been invaluable during my transition into the Director of Special Education role. She is informed, responsive, and resourceful in both providing guidance and acting as a collaborative partner when you need an innovative solution. I encourage any director to make use of new director services through TCASE Services by Design".

John Reynolds
Director of Special Education
Medina Valley ISD

TCASE Services by Design, and Krista Garcia, have played a crucial role in supporting me as a new Director by providing valuable insights and guidance for my Special Education program. Having someone like Krista to assist with Board meeting presentations and help in the development of crucial staffing models and instructional frameworks made a significant impact on the overall success of my role. I highly recommend that other new Directors consider reaching out to TCASE Services by Design for support and guidance in navigating challenges in Special Education. Based on my positive experience with Krista Garcia, new Directors could benefit from the thorough insights and assistance provided by TCASE Services by Design.

Mandy Pruitt

Director of Special Education

Rockport-Fulton ISD

"Thanks for being a great resource as [our special education director] navigates the role."

Robert Knight
Director of Safety & Security, Human Resources, and Special Programs

Hondo ISD

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