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Program Reviews

TCASE Services by Design offers comprehensive program reviews of special education programs and services. Whether you need a whole program review, or want to concentrate on a specific area, our team will provide findings and recommendations that will assist you in improving outcomes for students with disabilities.

"I have found the TCASE Services by Design staff to be a valuable resource regarding special education issues. In a time when we are focused on ensuring the needs of all students are met, the staff at TCASE has been instrumental in helping us improve our practices for a significant population. The improved instructional practices have benefited our special education population, as well as our general ed students."

Brent Jaco

Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD

"From the outset, TCASE Services By Design demonstrated a deep understanding of the unique challenges and goals associated with special education. The assessment process was meticulously executed, combining a blend of expertise and sensitivity to the diverse needs of our students. What stood out most was the thoroughness of their analysis. TCASE Services By Design left no stone unturned in evaluating our programs, providing us with a detailed breakdown of strengths that we could leverage and areas that needed improvement. Their insights were not just data; they were actionable recommendations that we could implement to enhance the overall effectiveness of our special education initiatives. The communication throughout the process was exemplary. The team at TCASE Services By Design was responsive, approachable, and committed to ensuring that our concerns and queries were addressed promptly. This level of collaboration fostered a partnership that felt more like a shared commitment to the success of our special education programs. In addition to their professional expertise, TCASE Services By Design demonstrated a genuine passion for making a positive impact on the lives of students with diverse learning needs. This aligns seamlessly with our mission at Bryan ISD, making the collaboration all the more meaningful."

Jennifer Warren

Executive Director of Special Programs

Bryan ISD

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