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Budget Planning

The special education budget is very complex. Do you have a deep understanding of how funds are generated? Do you know how to spend which funds, and how to make the most of what you have for students?


We have a retainer option that allows you to call us for budget and finance questions any time.

​Let our team guide you in making the most out of your financial resources so you can positively impact outcomes for students. 

As a novice special education director, I was lucky enough to join TCASE within hours of beginning my tenure. Since that time, I have been able to investigate the services provided by TCASE Services By Design. I was able to retain Cindy Moses to assist with our budget for special education. She was a gem in assisting me and my CFO more closely analyze our budget and financial practices and projections. I will admit that at first, I was hesitant since I felt my knowledge base was so inferior to Cindy’s, but she was so patient in sharing her expertise. She is such a skilled, veteran special education director. Her communication and intuition to anticipate possible roadblocks as well as future planning was like listening to a fortune teller! I cannot explain how pivotal TCASE Services By Design can help build your capacity and assist with district direction. It is truly a support system for all directors and anyone on your team.

Shae Whatley
Director of Special Education, 504, and Dyslexia
Sealy ISD

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