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Budget & Finance Support

The special education budget is very complex. Do you have a deep understanding of how funds are generated? Do you know how to spend which funds, and how to make the most of what you have for students?


We have a retainer option that allows you to call us for budget and finance questions any time.


The retainer provides email & phone call access to our team for questions related to finance, budgeting, maintenance of effort, and grant management for the fiscal year. If a district requires further support, such as a review of MOE reports when needing to apply for exceptions, or a voluntary reduction- we offer face to face or virtual support at a 10% discount of the typical fees.  Additionally there are 4 timely webinars that are recorded and shared with retainer clients.

​Let our team guide you in making the most out of your financial resources so you can positively impact outcomes for students. 

"TCASE Services by Design has demonstrated exceptional proficiency in budget management, code alignment, and legal compliance. Cindy Moses played a pivotal role in helping us streamline our budgetary processes, aligning codes, names, and legal frameworks with remarkable precision and insight.

TCASE Services by Design bridges the gap between special education (sped) and finance, facilitating seamless integration and collaboration between these critical domains. Her in-depth understanding of both areas has been instrumental in optimizing our financial operations to better serve our students and teachers.

The responsiveness and willingness to address our queries and concerns have greatly contributed to our organization's success and peace of mind.


I cannot recommend a retainer with TCASE Services by Design highly enough for exceptional professionalism, expertise, and dedication to delivering top-tier financial support services. The contributions have been invaluable to our organization, and I have no doubt that Cindy will continue to excel and make a positive impact with any district that contracts with her."

Codi Kadlecek 
Director of Special Education and 504
LaGrange ISD

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